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Beam 100 * 150
  • Beam 100 * 150
  • Beam 100 * 150
  • Beam 100 * 150
  • Beam 100 * 150

Beam 100 * 150

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41 BYN
Country of manufacture:Belarus

Bruce softwood


Bruce is a log, hewn four sides.

Bruce is the most popular material in the construction. This is not surprising. From softwood lumber erecting walls, partitions, ceiling mounted, perform roof construction, roof of roofs, floors, stairs, windows, wooden structures and facilities, internal and external finishing facilities and much more. Easier, perhaps, to call the field of construction, which is not used timber.

Pine, spruce - the most common trees. Bruce softwood is used not only in residential and industrial construction, but also in shipyards, aircraft building, railway ...

Due to its very fine texture, the boards of spruce and pine is widely used as a finishing material.

Basic standard size timber - 100x100 mm, 100x150 mm and 150x150 mm. Length - 6m, 7m, 8m, 9m.

This type of timber is as aesthetically pleasing, keeps warm and does not shrink.

The price corresponds to the quality and volume.
The volume of the order is unlimited.

We offer Lesopilomaterialy softwood and hardwood own production. Produce Edged, unedged, timber, rafter bar, mauerlat, beam. Sawing standard dimensions and under the order. Breed of wood - pine, spruce, natural humidity.

Our core business is the implementation of lumber wholesale and retail warehouse in Minsk.

We also have in stock a large selection of lumber. This board (cut and uncut), beams, joists, mauerlat, rafters, joists, fillies and many others

The main components of an excellent result - a qualified staff, modern approach to the production and high quality raw materials. Therefore, all our products are made of the best types of wood on the latest professional equipment masters of their craft.

Through constant monitoring of all stages of the production of lumber, we are confident as a result of our work. This enables us to guarantee customers consistently high quality of products offered. So, saying goodbye to the customer, we are confident that it will soon see him again from us.

With his experience, we understand that in the current conditions is not enough just to give the buyer selected their timber. It is also important to understand the customer's needs and to help him in the selection. Therefore, an individual approach to each customer - the main principle, which we are guided in their work. Thus, we create the most favorable conditions for long-term mutually beneficial cooperation.

Country of manufacture:Belarus
Cross-sectional shape:Rectangular
Information is up-to-date: 19.02.2021

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